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Acquis Accountancy

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bellhouseACQUIS is a provider of accounting, business services and taxation advice, based in Dorking, Surrey. We have a wide range of experience and resources to help small and medium sized organisations in London and the southern home counties.

Our clients include sole traders and businesses in publishing, education, import/export, property maintenance, construction and charities ranging from startup businesses to established companies.

We cater especially for smaller business and have a range of options to tie your investment to financial results. We can provide the skills you need “on tap”, when you need them. You could have the benefits of a Finance department and Management Services, all at your fingertips at a price that you can afford.

For the private individual or family, we provide jargon free help and advice in   Taxation and Accounting from qualified professionals.

ACQUIS provides a comprehensive range of finance related services.

Here to help – Just ask.

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